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Rue Saint Charles in the MorningRue Saint Charles in the MorningView from the Hotel Eiffel St Charles, Paris, France On this, the most romantic of days, what topic could more appropriate than the most romantic city in the world: Paris, France.  As a couple, we've traveled very little to have been married so long.  I think we'd both agree that we are "late-bloomers" in the adulthood sense of the term.  We've both suffered missteps in our education that set us on, what has felt like, a never-ending quest for fulfilling careers.  Our struggles with peaceful lives vs. moral obligations to our community led to a real estate purchase that has made our desires for house and home a rather sad commentary.  Having a family of our own amidst hectic work lives and unrealized dreams is daunting at best, and seems almost impossible most times.  In short, travel has never really made it to the top of our list of priorities, although its something we both long for desperately.

Our one real monument to a life well-lived, that accurately paints a picture of the life we're trying to lead, was our trip to Paris.  It was a week-long, budget friendly adventure with our dearest cousins, that has set a standard for us.  It has somehow become this beacon of light in the drudgery of the mundane day-to-day.  A reminder of who we really are, stripped of the weights and burdens that we tend to place on ourselves.  In fact, I believe our "Paris selves" are the people we were truly meant to be.  I won't delve into the details of those two individuals, but I'm sure anyone reading this may be able to relate.  We all have an image, and maybe even a spiritual reverberation humming inside, of who we really are.  That ideal or picture-perfect us is what drives us to keep moving forward.

As my wife and I contemplate a return to Paris,  I thought it would be helpful to keep track of our Paris loves, and to maybe even make note of new adventures we should consider while there.  While this is really just a motivational exercise for me, I thought some of you may enjoy learning about some of the things we enjoyed in Paris.  This will be updated periodically, so don't be surprised if you notice changes.



Hotel Eiffel Saint Charles - quaint little hotel in Arrondissement 15, not far from the Eiffel Tower

Bistro Dupleix - our go-to, late-night, al fresco dining spot on Boulevard de Grenelle

Garrice - shoe shop - major designer names at amazing prices

Sol Semilla (formally Voy Alimento) - 100% vegan, 100% organic restaurant and shop near Canal St. Martin

Restaurant Thai Thai - most beautiful, original Thai food I've ever had. Delicious and authentic.

Gardens of Versailles - Louis XIV's masterpiece. Words can't describe.


Le Servan - Asian-fusion restaurant by French/Filipina sisters Tatiana and Katia Levha

...more to come...


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Ayesha, maybe I will share a bit more about our Parisian sensibilities in the near future. But you and your hubby should definitely go. We were blessed to have super-cool travel companions, but it would be awesome as just a couple's excursion. Would love to hear/see pics of places you two have traveled to.
I would actually like to read about "your Paris selves". I feel it would be an interesting read. And thanks for the places you all enjoyed. Maybe one day my husband & I will go to Paris. You never know.
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